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I just received a pair of boots from you, Sir Henry size 12, and I'd just like to commend you on your sizing, quality, craftsmanship and last but by far not least, your pricing. These boots are truly awesome. Once again, thank you.
I wanted to let you know that I am extremely please with my boots that arrived today. Shipping only took three days and the boots looked great. I had just priced similar boots at our local Renaissance Faire for about $300. Not only are these boots better but I think they look and feel better. That you for helping me finish out my attire.

Sincerely, XXXX

Just want to say that I am so very pleased with my purchase. Fast turn around, great customer service, amazing prices, who can complain? The Robin boots will be part of my wedding as we celebrate our union of love on May 22nd at a place known by locals as Pagan Island, historically know as Fort Boykin. Peacocks roam this Island, it is just beautiful. Thanks again for completing my special day.
"I thought that I would add my 2 cents to your website for the boots that I purchased from you (Sir Henry). I got them very quickly and was immediately impressed with the fit and construction. The leather is gorgeous, and they are perfect to the T. I own many different kinds of boots/shoes, and I know when something is well made. I showed them to a couple of my friends, and compared with what they had, and to say the least, they were jealous. We compared prices, and things like fit, and construction, not to mention comfort, and I came out the immediate victor. They couldn't believe what I had paid to get a boot that looked that good, not to mention that fit so well and were as comfortable as I described. I have worn them for 2 weekends in a row now, and they are almost as comfortable as the running shoes I own, to walk around in. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that is looking for a quality product. Your customer service was great (I know, I work in the industry), and I let everyone I know where I got them from.
Thanks again, and I love my boots!

This letter is to the wonderful staff member that assisted me in purchasing a pair of Sir Henry boots several weeks ago.

I had spent countless hours searching the internet, including ebay to locate a pair of boots that would not only complete my renaissance outfit but would be affordable as well.

I was extremely delighted, after locating your website on what appeared to be quality boots at a very affordable price. I continued to search, using SCA boots as my comparable to the “other” companies. I discovered that these “other” companies could not come close to the type, style, quality and cost to SCA boots. I contacted and spoke with a very friendly voice who took the extra time to explain each of the boots, answer all of my questions and finally help me choose the Sir Henry boots which I purchased. Upon receiving the boots I was very pleased with their quality and durability and have since been given several compliments about them.

I again wanted to thank the wonderful representative who took her time to assist me. I have spoken to many companies in the past and rarely find one that has true “customer service.” I will definitely be referring people to your website during my visits to the renaissance festivals here in Michigan and any other areas I may go.

Thanks once again and please feel free to contact me.


Had to write to say how impressed and happy I am with this purchase. I convinced several members of my larping group to submit a group order, and the order went smoothly, the delivery was quick, and the boots were superb. Made me look really good, let me tell ya!

On the boots; boots similar to these I have seen at renfaires for well over $300. I tried mine on and the advice on sizes at the SCAboots site was dead on. I can't be happier with these boots! Thanks!
Alexandria, Virginia

Dear Scaboots,

I knew you guys were located in nearby, but when my Robin Hood boots arrived in LESS than 24 hours (ordered them around 2pm they arrived at 11am the next day) I knew things were looking good. I am completely happy with the boots; they are exactly as they appeared in the photos, and the sizing suggestions were accurate. I am going to use these boots for both medieval costumes and pirate costumes, depending on whether I wear them up or down and they look great either way. They are very comfortable, just oversized enough (due to the sizing requirements of 1/2 size up) to allow for comfy socks and perhaps even a gel insert to increase their comfort. Thanks again for an excellent product and swift and convenient customer service! These boots rock! Thanks you

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I recently purchased your "Sir Henry" boots through your website. I was, admittedly, a little wary of buying footwear without actually trying them on, especially since I have had serious foot problems over the years, resulting in a bunionectomy on my left foot. Since then, I have had to be very particular about my footwear. As you can imagine, this poses a few problems if you do renaissance faire performances.
Simply put: THESE ARE THE MOST COMFORTABLE THINGS I HAVE EVER WORN ON MY FEET. I am so thoroughly satisfied with the comfort and quality of the product and the helpful information on the website that I will tell anyone who inquires to visit "SCAboots dot com." These boots are really comfortable enough to wear every day, if it were socally acceptable.
Thank you for finally putting an end to my ren-faire footwear issues!
dir. XXXX Faire early music collective
I just wanted to let you know that my boots (Sir Henry boots) arrived last week while I was out of town, but I got to see them and try them on for the first time this weekend. AWESOME!!! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!! The service and boots are AWESOME!!! I will highly recommend SCA Boots to everyone I know, and I have you all saved in my "Favorites" list for future shopping. THANK YOU!!!!!
Best Regards,

P.S. You may add this email message with my name (if you'd like) to your testimonial page. Again THANK YOU for excellent service and boots!!!

I just got my new boots and tried them on for the first time. Wow! They look great, they feel wonderful, and in plenty of time for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. What more could a person ask?!

Actually, I was a bit hesitant to order footwear off of the internet. I am a big fellow and usually have a difficult time finding comfortable shoes and boots. Using your handy sizing chart, I was able to figure out what size to order. Like I said, the fit is great!

I can't wait to wear them to the MN Renaissance Festival this weekend! Having comfortable feet is going to make the weekend even better! If you see a big red headed fellow with a satisfied smile, it's probably me.


This is XXXX again, I just wanted to say thank you so much! The boots are wonderful. The size was perfect and the fit is just right for the shape of my legs. I had them in plenty of time to break in and then wear for faire both Saturday and Sunday. I've been telling people about your service every time they ask about my boots. Placed the order on Tuesday, and I had the boots at my door on Thursday afternoon. No blisters from them either, which is a fear with new shoes. They really do complete the outfits I have.

Thank you again!
aka XXXX

My "Robin" knee boots (size 14) arrived today, and when I pulled them out and wiped them down, I was a tad skeptical, made in China tags do that to me. However, having now worn them for a test fit, they're excellent! The leather is buttery soft and the boots are nice and roomy (especially in the calf, which is very necessary, living in a 3 story house on a mountain tends to build those calf muscles! not to mention the fact I am a fairly substantial guy to begin with). The rubber soles and heels are far better for walking, in my opinion, than what I was prepared to settle for in thin leather soled boots with their tiny cap heels. And to top it off, saving about $75 on the pair was the best part! Keep up the good work, and thank you for the wonderful product. I will soon be putting up a supplier list for fellow RPers, and SCA Boots is definitely getting a high rating :)

Beech Mountain, NC

I just completed a run performing as the Pirate King in a high school production of "The Pirates of Penzance." From the start, I was determined to not have to settle for using jazz shoes with boot covers, I wanted real boots. I searched long and hard to find a workable pair online and was very excited when I found this company. Not only did the boots arrive incredibly fast giving me plenty of time to rehearse with them, but they were incredibly comfortable and I had no trouble at all having to run around the stage endlessly in them. The boots are amazing and I can't wait to get cast in a show where I can use them again. Thanks!
I just wanted to write you a note and tell you how much I LOVE my boots! (I recently ordered the Isabella). They're GREAT! They look good, they're waaaaaay more versatile than I expected, and really comfy too! I'm the envy of all the wenches! : ) I call them my "Boots of Empowerment"! ...........Thank you for the nice surprise.
I'll be sure to send my friends your way next time they need boots!

Happy weekend,
XXXX Duluth, MN

Just a BIG thank you for making the best fitting boots either my husband or myself have ever worn. We danced after feast in our new boots the first event we wore them to. NO SORE FEET!... This is a first for both of us, and we just told everyone about the GREAT boots. The service we received and the help in ordering was above and beyond anything we ever expected. We will recommend your boots to anyone we see looking for SCA boots. Thank you so much.

SCA kingdom of XXXX

I just wanted to let you know that I am SO pleased with my purchase from SCA boots. Not only did they arrive faster than I could believe, but they were such a great pair of boots and so fabulously priced! I can hardly wait until next Spring so that I can wear them out to the Ren Faire. Actually, I'll probably were them for motocycle riding too.
Thanks so much, you have yet another happy customer! :)
Greetings to Scaboots,
Just two days ago, I purchased a pair of your Big John thigh-high boots from your website I have received the boots today and cannot tell you how satisfied I am with my purchase. The quality of the boots for the price is exceptional and the prompt delivery was great as well.

Consider me an exceptionally satisfied customer.

I just wanted to let you know that the boots arrived on Friday. That was sure quick! I am very impressed with your rapid service and the boots fit great! They're the best! I wish all of my online shopping could be as nice and easy as yours was.
Thanks again,
I bought a pair of the Isabella style boots about a week and a half ago. Though they were a little difficult to get on at first, being new leather, once I got them there I was WAY impressed! They are, without question, the most comfortable boots I could ever have found. My boyfriend, who also purchased a pair in the men's style, agrees wholeheartedly with me. I am hoping you make more styles in the future so I can fill a closet! Thanks for being so awesome guys!
"I received my Maiden boots today. They look and fit great. I will be using them for a Klingon costume as well as a Renaissance costume. They will be a big hit. "
I just want to say I received my boots today and WOW! They are fantastic. Thank YOU I have been looking for a good pair of boots for my Santa suit and they are outstanding and comfortable. There are so many Santa's looking for boots, and very few reasonable choices. YOU are EXCELLENT. I can not tell you how excited I was to slip on the boots with the suit. THANK YOU.

Santa XXXX

"I wish to thank you for your expeditious response to our purchase. I received my boots today and they look and feel wonderful. The quality is exceptional, the workmanship of the highest quality.I thank you very much and will be more than happy to submit pictures from our upcoming wedding if you wish.

"I wanted to thank you for the quick service and excellent product. I am extremely pleased with the boots and they will make a fine addition to my Renaissance garb. I've recommended you to my friends already!

"Fantastic product - my cavalier is thrilled with his boots! Thanks!"

"Hi! I just received my boots and they look and fit great! I appreciate the speedy shipping and the high quality. I will pass the word at Dragon Con this week!
PS. 2 pairs o’ Robin Boots."

"oh, he** yeah! These boots are awesome! Thank you ever so much for the great product at a great price, I've been looking around FOREVER! "

Just a quick note to let you know that my order arrived yesterday as promised. I would have e-mailed you earlier but our system was down yesterday and I was lost for a while. The boots are extremely good looking and a very good fit. Your craftmanship and service are of the highest order. Thanks for great treatment and a fine product. As someone who manages a fair sized online store I can really appreciate your efficiency and friendly attitude. I will defiitely be singing your praises for some time to come. Again thanks and I look forward to doing future business.

"WOW! Awesome boots, thank you so much. My wife looked great! We'll be back."

"My boots arrived today. I am very happy with them. Your advice on size was right on & they fit fine. I am very impressed with the construction and quality. I will be looking forward to wearing them for fest occasions, and will gladly tell everyone where I got them at.

I recently purchased a pair of the Robin style boots and received them quickly. However, they were one size too big. One quick phone call later, I was able to send them back off, where they were quickly exchanged and the proper size on their way. I was extremely pleased with the rapid service, including the exchange, and the great customer care over the phone. You guys run a great shop, and I'd gladly purchase again. Thank you for your excellent service.


We received the boots we ordered today. They are for our son who is in a Madrigal singers group at his high school. The boots are perfect! Thanks for handling our order so quickly and efficiently.
You folks are awesome! I ordered my boots sunday morning and received them on monday afternoon. Whew!! They are also very nice boots! I will wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone and everyone!!!
Many thanks and Happy Holidays.

We got the boots last night and my husband loves them! Military Mail is notoriously slow, but somehow your box made it through! I'm so happy they were here in time for our Yule Event! Happy Feet = Happy Husband! :-)

I just wanted to say thank you for providing us with the boots for my husband to wear on our wedding day. He looked damn good if ya ask me! I enjoyed doing business with you and hope we'll have reason to order more in the future.

I'm sending along a couple shots so you can see how wonderful the boots finished the outfit.

thanks, XXXX

My Big John boots (order #XXXX) arrived precisely two days after my order. Thanks! I have already used them for my singing group's Madrigal Feaste this past weekend. 12 total hours of foot comfort! And right out of the box. I'll be using them for various indoor and outdoor activities this holiday season. Another happy customer here!
Thanks again!
I want to thank you for your prompt attention to me request for an exchange of boots. The new pair arrived yesterday and they are great. They are exactly the look that I was going for. They will compliment my renaissance outfit perfectly. I am looking forward to wearing them (the boots) to the Arizona Renaissance festival in February in Apache Junction. Again Thank very much.
WE just recived our order that included a pair each of: Prince William , Maiden, and Isabella. All were exactly as discribed and the shipping was fast, fast, dirty-footed Outlanders no more.
Thanks so much.
hello, i received my boots on wednesday. they are great. thank you for the great service and great product. the soles were even better than i expected. i will order again.-
Just a quick "thanks", the boots you sent are perfect...excellent service, great prices, and quality products, a rare combination these days... I shall be passing the word during this years faire season!

Thanks again,
Tis truly a pleasure doing business with you.

Dear SCA Boots,

All I can say is WOW! They leather is supple, they are comfortable, the fit is perfect, and they look stunning. With my arch supports, the boots fit like they were made for me. Truly wonderful, and at an incredibly low price. I will be recommending you highly, as I am sure folks will be asking me where I got my boots.

I got my boots today. I love them! They are perfect! I'm in a pirate krewe in the Gasparilla parade in Tampa tomorrow and they will look great! Thanks so much for your fast, courteous customer service. This is our second boot purchase and I will recommend you to all the krewes!!!!!
I'm not sure that this is the correct mail site - just wanted to say that I ordered the SIR HENRY and they arrived - the quality is excellent - the fit is perfect and the promptness of deliviery was EXCELLENT!!!!! THANXS - LUV you guys!!!!!
We just received our order for three pairs of Sir Henry boots. Can't begin to tell you how impressed we are with the quality and of course the price. But most of all we appreciate the brilliant service. From the U.S.A to the U.K. in 4 days is excellent.
Best wishes, and keep up the good work.


Received in time! The isabellas fit great and look incredibble! authorized and fenced in my first lyst on Saturday, walked arround for twelve hours and they comfortable and got a lot of compliments... thank you! XXXX
Just a quick note. The boots showed up in record time. I was amazed that anyone would ship that fast. They look great. Thanks for the prompt service. I work several renaissance faires, and I will spread the word about your service and product.
My boots arrived today and I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for processing and shipping my order so quickly. I like the way the boots fit and look and your service was nothing short of exceptional. Thanks again.
My recent order was received just as described. I followed your instructions and used your measurements to order a size 12 Robin. I usually wear a 10.5 E width. However, I'm a big guy at 6' 2" with muscular legs (my weight is 240). My calves measured to fit better in a size 12 Robin instead of an 11. I ordered the 12, and it was a comfortable fit on calves and ankles. The slightly larger sole size was solved with one pair of heavy althletic socks. The leather boots are very soft and I was able to spend all day at at Scarborough Faire (Texas) completely comfortable on my feet. I hope ya'll sell a ton of these boots. THANKS
I received my boots last week. I will be wearing them in our local production of the musical "Camelot" at the Army Community Theatre here on base at Ft. xxxx in Hawaii. They are going to work perfectly! I love that they are so flexible allowing for me to dance and move so easily on stage. Thanks for such a great product at such a reasonable price. I have given your site to all the members of our cast. I hope they will make the investment as well. Thanks again.

Just wanted to let you know that I received my boots today - they are so cool!!!!! The pics definitely don't do them justice. They fit awesomely, the quality looks outstanding and I can't wait to wear them - they'll be perfect with my privateer garb! Thank you for offering a great product at a reasonable price!
Thank you very much. I've never encountered customer service of this high caliber before. I will definitely refer SCABoots to anyone who wants an affordable quality boot with excellent service. Thanks again!
The boots (Robin-style) are awesome! When I first saw them, I was worried that they were actually too small. That proved to be just an illusion - they fit great, and look great. I hope it's a long time before I have to order from you again, but I'll definitely recommend you without reservation.
I just wanted to let you know that I had the opportunity this weekend to wear the boots i ordered from you at the san bernadino ren-fair and our potrero sca war, and i have to tell you these were the most comfortable boots I have worn at a fair. I also got alot of compliments on them and even directed a few to your site. I had a chance to price the hand made ones, and they ran $425.00 and those were the cheap ones. So, in closing, I wanted to thank you and let you know how much i enjoyed them and how much im looking forward to more events with them in the future.
Let me just say how great your boots have worked during this 2004 Faire season. First, they have been very kind on my feet. I work at a fencing booth, so most of my day is spent on my feet. I have had NO problems with how my feet feel at the end of the day or weekend. Secondly, your boots have been very kind to my bank account. So far they are to be the best valued boots for Faire!! And third, I have had many comments on my boots and I know at least two other Faire employees who have bought their boots from your store. Lastly, I just look so damn good in these boots!!
Santa Cruz, CA

I just wanted to let you know that I received a pair of the Robin boots the other day. It took a bit longer than I thought but it was due to customs and having a holiday up here.
The boots are wonderful! They are exactly what I was looking for and the quality is superb.
Thank you once again,

Dear Scaboots,
Thank you so much for your amazing product. I just ordered a pair of your Isabella boots and they came immediately as promised. I was skepitcal at first about ordering boots online, but the Maryland renaissance faire is not 2 weeks away and I desperately needed "period" boots for the booth I am going to be working at. Your prices and your product quality is amazing. I almost immediately tried them on and htey fit better than any other boot or shoe i have ever owned. They are also significantly more comfortable. Thank you so much, and I will be telling all of my friends who need boots for festivals, Medieval gaming, and any other event that could apply, that they should be getting their boots from you! Thank you again!


I just tried my new boots on with my renaissance pirate costume. The only word is WOW! I love them, and they are comfortable, too. I can't believe the high quality and low prices you offer. Thanks a million!
I just received my boots today and I just wanted to say thank you so much. They shipped in two days as promised and the quality is wonderful! Their as good, if not better than my friend's boots which cost him almost $300!!! I am absolutely going to come to you from now on for any sca footwear needs and I will be sure to spread the word to anyone looking for affordable high-quality boots.
Thanks again!
To everyone at scaboots I would just like to say thank you. I heard about you from friends of mine who had purchased your boots. They raved about them. They went on about the quality,style,customer service,and price. Rarely do you hear all that about one product all at once. Naturally I was a little skeptical. I'm a big guy that plays hard. I do medieval reenactments,renfairs,and larps so I have a tendency to beat the crap out of stuff. Regardless of well I take care of things.

I recently bought a pair of the Big John boots for my brothers wedding.(medieval wedding)I bought these back at the begining of the year,and they have since gone though three seasons(spring,summer,and now fall),a wedding,six LARPs,Two tournies, and a renfair. Lots of sun, rain,mud,and heavy use.They've held up beautifuly.They arived a day early,and were nicer than the photos. And man are they comfortable.

I know your waiting for the big but.Well it's only a little one. I have a size 12 1/2 EEE wider foot.I followed your on scene recomendations for size,and went a size up(13). I know you made the toe box larger on this model,but just from use I can say it help ,a lot, if the sole was wider as well.If you offered that next month I'ld buy it the next day.But thats just my opinion.I'll get off the soap box now. Thanks for a great product.
XXXX Tauton,MA

Received the boots on Monday and they fit GREAT. I'm so glad your customer service department contacted me regarding the size. My wife and I must have misunderstood the measurements on your website. Your representative was correct and now I have a comfortable, good looking pair of boots to wear to a ren faire this Saturday. Thanks for going the extra mile and I will recommend your products to everyone!!

Sincerely / XXXX

WOW! You guys are incredible. It is so refreshing, after dealing with lots of crap from large companies, to do buisiness with a family company. Your dedication to your customers is more than I could have bargined for! I mean, I sent you these boots back at around 5:00 pm on the 5th, and they arrived at my house 22 hours later! When we had a problem with my first order, I called and 5 minutes later it was solved. It really was a pleasure doing buisiness with you guys! I can't praise you enough. If I ever need any other boots, you guys will be my first call.
I recently ordered your Sir Henry boots and wanted to recount my experiences with the process. I had a pretty big local event coming up and wanted to upgrade my footware from the work boots that I've been rapier fighting in. I ordered on a Saturday, and requested Fed Ex two day delivery. The boots promptly showed up the following Wednesday, and I was quite impressed. The boots are very high quality and the attention to workmanship is outstanding. The boots fit excellently, and I was a little concerned about the fit and how it would hold up to fencing all day. My fears were completely unfounded, as they held up and still looked great! I made sure to tell everyone in earshot where I got them and what great boots they are! Thanks for the great service and product.
Got the boots fine (still can't believe how fast). They are perfect. Wore them to 'Challenge of the Kings' at Excalibur in Vegas last weekend and then through three hotels shopping and not a toe pinched or heel blistered. Thank you so much. I will be singing this websites praises.
I just Received A pair pf your boots a week ago, Big John-Men's Thigh-Knee Boots, and I am simply writing back to you to tell you how pleased I am with them! For years now I have been searching for all of the Items needed to complete a Very special Pirate costume,- "The Dread Pirate Roberts" from the movie "The Princess Bride." It Turns out that THE MOST DIFFICULT item to find for the perfect match and look to that costume has been the Pair of boots he wore. When I found your web site and saw the boots you offered, I couldn't believe it! It was as if I had finally located the very pair of boots he wore in the movie. No other pair of boots I have seen matches the look I needed more perfectly than those you offer (and believe me, I have searched all over the place!).

I was particularly impressed with how tough and heave-duty they look, yet at the same time so comfortable and light on your feet! So once again- THANK YOU! for the best pair of boots I have ever seen or owned!

Sincerely- XXXX

Recieved your boots yesterday in a timely fashion as you promised, and was very happy with your product. The fit and feel are wonderful. I will use these boots with my Santa outfit and plan to trim the bottom of the pants with the white fur and wear the pant leg over the boot and push the boot down for the "scrunch" look. Every year I up-grade a segment of my costume and these boots are second to none !! Thank You and Happy Holidays,
Santa XXXX
Dear scaboots,

Thank you so much for your prompt and friendly service - my boots arrived today and you were right about UK size 7 being US size 10 because they fit perfectly much to my relief.

I can't believe that the package arrived so soon - UK companies never offer this level of service and I am delighted as they are exactly what I was looking for (I didn't relish the thought of running about on stage in stilettos which was the alternative if I couldn't find lower heeled boots).

Thanks again and now I can rehearse my swordfight in the show with confidence!

Have a great day,

I ordered a pair of boots from you last Monday. They arrived at my house in England on Friday morning. Once I'd put a pair of inner soles in them, I wore them at an event from late afternoon Friday, until late afternoon Sunday, except for the 5-6 hours a night when I was asleep. They are very comfortable, and I was on my feet and busy for most of that time. Many thanks for the quick service, and excellent product.